Arroganz + Deathronation + N'ch'sh // 30.09. Cortina Bob

Arroganz + Deathronation + N'ch'sh // 30.09. Cortina Bob

Beitragvon Wolf City » 20. September 2017, 18:42

FĂŒr alle Berliner, die auf Death Metal stehen, wahrscheinlich relevant :cool2:

Arroganz from Cottbus will embark in September on a rabid march across the land to promote their latest offering to the dark gods, "Primitiv", out on FDA Records. Their 4th opus marks a further descent into blackened death metal hell.
Sharing the stage with partners in crime and veteran death metal savages Deathronation from NĂŒrnberg, they added local cultists N'ch'sh for the Berlin raid in order to increase the destruction potential. Watch your face get torn to pieces and hung up on hooks to enjoy eternal torment.

Breathe - Rise - Rule - Die

Tickets: ... on-n-ch-sh
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