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Beitragvon Stormspell_Records » 15. November 2016, 11:44

Although Micke is recording a "new" DETEST album, it is basically songs written back in the day but never properly recorded. I'm not sure if they have any plans beyond that. Their current band is called Nocturnal Alliance, of which we will release two albums in early 2017. It is a lot more melodic than DETEST and may not be everyone's cup of tea though.

The DETEST album will be called "The End of all Ends" to bring a closure and wrap-up the DETEST legacy.

Here's what Micke had to say about it:

"The tracks were written for a demo that never happened with the band Detest - we had split at the time - but in the same manor. Somewhere '91 - '92. Some of the tracks lacked lyrics, a solo-part or a chorus, that have been polished up to be able to make a full album. Two of the tracks were written for the band Twilight (Beyond Twilight) in the early days of that band, but never got past the rehearsal room, we're talking mid 90's. One of the tracks were actually recorded with Detest (me and Jörgen), but that track was not finished, but is finished now.

Here is the tracklist of Detest forthcoming album "The End of All Ends":

01 The Solemn Avenger
A re-write for Twilight of the Detest-track "The Avenger". Detest fans can see it as a continuing saga of "The Avenger".

02 Final Hour
A couple of the riffs were written during the Detest-period, but never used. Was arranged and fully written with the aid of Andreas Lagerin in Twilight mid 90's. Andreas was good enough to put his solo down again for this recording.

03 Divide and Conquer
Track written in '91 and demo-recorded by myself between bands (Detest - Twilight).

04 Rebellion
Same story as 03.

05 Away
Detest-track first recorded '89 by myself and Jörgen Svahn. Polished up for this occasion.

06 The Savior
Same story as 03 & 04.

07 Aim Higher
Written for Twilight mid 90's. Been polished to match Detest-sound better. Never got past rehearsal-room.

08 Thoughts of Love
Written for Hellrats - my band that preceded Coma and Detest. Has much of what Detest became, written '87.

09 Renegade
Same story as 03, 04 & 06.

10 Light In the Sky
Same story as 03, 04, 06 & 09.

11 The Creatures
Same story as 03, 04, 05, 09 & 10.

12 The End of All Ends
Same story as 03, 04, 05, 09, 10 & 11. A good way to seal the Detest legacy.

An hour of never heard Detest-material is about to come your way soon."
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Beitragvon Stepo » 3. Januar 2018, 19:49

Love the album!
So apparently this was the final effort of the band, I guess there will be no live shows? Too sad!
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