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Beitragvon Pavlos » 18. März 2021, 00:26

News, News, geile News!!!

First up will be an EP of some great new songs that n the classic Mindcage tradition with an incredible vocalist as yet unnamed who will be not just making a comeback of his own, he will help me demo vocal guides for other guests to have an idea of what the concept stuff will kind of be like in terms of direction.

And then, Mindcage will record the next two chapters of the Earthchime trilogy to follow up “Our Own Devices”. If you followed the story, the first album was narrated primarily by The Navigator performed by Hignite, of the One Constant rebellion. And with Julie Westlake performing as Arabella Vash… the main character in our Dystopian tale of the folly of man and machine.

We have enlisted some amazing talent to perform the parts of the cast of characters in the story, some old friends and new will join us!

Thank you all for your tremendous patience. I am really excited to complete the trilogy and hope to release them back to back!

Stay tuned, and Rock On!

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Beitragvon Acurus-Heiko » 20. März 2021, 18:53

Schön, dass es die noch gibt. Ich bin sehr gespannt.
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