Lederjacke samt Inhalt (Smartphone, ..) gestohlen

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Lederjacke samt Inhalt (Smartphone, ..) gestohlen

Beitragvon Kixx » 28. April 2014, 16:56

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My jacket + mobile phone got stolen on Saturday during the Toxik gig inside the hall, I was standing pretty much in the front on the right side.

Black leather jacket, brand Jack and Jones, size Medium (see pictures).

The jacket also included my mobile phone, a black HTC One with a black Otterbox case (see pictures).

Furthermore my aviator sunglasses, my professional adjusted ear protection and the hotel room keys.

If anyone knows anything about this, please get in touch or help me out in some way. If you know the person who took my jacket, talk them into sending my stuff back and we will leave it as a "drunken accident".

There is a reward for any help regarding this matter. It's especially the mobile phone I need back.

Contact me via mail: htc.kit@gmx.net

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Re: Lederjacke samt Inhalt (Smartphone, ..) gestohlen

Beitragvon Hawkeye_m » 28. April 2014, 20:08

Fuck - ist also wirklich nicht mehr aufgetaucht :-(
Sowas ist extrem uncool.

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