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BeitragVerfasst: 8. August 2008, 23:04
von The Exhumator
This interview will not be published in English, only in spanish ... Enjoy!!!

Darkness Interview

1- Cheers Arnd!!!....Shit!!!... It?s too much grateful to us got the chance to talk to you, Darkness was a band, than even now we like so much, and there is no place for duds than it?s a referent into the German thrash metal history. I dont know if I?m wrong but i think you never were interviewed by any chilean, Is that right?...Well Arnd...Please start showing us you history inside the metal scene and how brought a life Darkness, in a very strong German metal era....What were the first bands than marked your way to see the music ?

Arnd: Hi, Gabriel. It is a big honor for me to give an interview to a chilean zine, thanks a lot for the opportunity!
Regarding the interview to chilean zines you are right, I never did one, at least not in the last four or five years.
Darkness was founded in 1984 by Lacky. The members of the band changed during the years until in 1987 the original line ? up was formed by Lacky, Olli, Pierre, Bruno and me. Darkness first recorded three demos, ?The evil curse?