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BeitragVerfasst: 14. April 2008, 01:06
von Stormspell_Records
The band had put up two new songs on their gayspace page: <a href='' target='_blank'></a>

They are looking for honest opinions so make yours count. I'll forward anything posted here to Thom and Rik, thank you in advance!

P.S. Please write in English

BeitragVerfasst: 14. April 2008, 01:21
von Metallah
Just a first impression on both songs...

Okay, but nothing breathtaking. Where's the speed? On the first run they simply sound too average. Two fillers not killers in my opinion. On both songs I wait for something but it doesn't happen. The songs just start and end like they begin, without any surprise. On some parts I wait for the songs to explode, to get faster, to kick ass but this doesn't happen. I don't want to say boring but in a way it almost fits. Well it's still time for some improvements. <_<

Well, as I said it's just a first impression but a real killer song usually slays on the first listen.


BeitragVerfasst: 14. April 2008, 01:52
von Acrylator
I agree for the most part, nothing breathtaking there.
The songs really need more speed (at least some part in the song).
Although "Smiling At Your Grave" is a bit faster in some parts, "Today Is A Good Day To Die" is much better - the vocal lines are better and I really like the guitar harmonies and riffs in it. Nothing spectacular but this is quite a good song.

BeitragVerfasst: 14. April 2008, 03:01
von Stormspell_Records
Just for the record I agree on the slow speed part. Man, do I miss the fast insane riffing and shrieking vocals from Feel the Pain :(

The good thing is, Thom Braddish told me there will be faster songs, so I keep my hopes up.

BeitragVerfasst: 14. April 2008, 12:39
von rapanzel
Hmm, ain't that bad, but the old stuff is better.
Did I already mention that I hate myspace, hehe ?

BeitragVerfasst: 14. April 2008, 12:43
von Ghoul
I have to agree with everyone here, the songs are not bad, but not as good as their old material...

BeitragVerfasst: 14. April 2008, 12:49
von Prof
Too bad I have to say this, but: so-so. For a band like Amulance, so-so is not nearly close to expectations. Throw out that midtempo thing (too many potentially good albums have been killed by it in the last couple of years), for one. Get that singer screaming again and the axes way up front.

BeitragVerfasst: 1. März 2009, 21:04
von MetalMueller1807
The old stuff was great!!! But I like the new songs on their myspace-homepage too!

I don´t think the quality of the songs is very different to the early days, as you all do.

AMULANCE still kick ass!!!