Singer looking for band

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Singer looking for band

Beitragvon Warnabot » 20. November 2013, 18:12


I recently moved to northern Germany (Kiel) and am looking for a band to sing in in the region (let's say around Kiel or Hamburg, or not too far).
I'm the singer in French band HĂŒrlement- I did not quit the band and it's still going strong, but I am searching for another band closer to my new home to get my fix of singing.
I'm interested in joining or starting either an original band with a serious project, or a cover band for playing fun shows.
For style, what I'm interested in ranges from 70's rock (Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, etc.) to classic 80's heavy metal (Judas Priest, Manowar, etc.). I'm also open to a small set-up for acoustic rock shows in bar with the right kind of guitar player.

I'm available for rehearsing every week and can easily adapt my schedule.
English is not a problem at all, and I also speak a bit of very bad German.

Contact: warnabot[a]

Don't hesitate to pass this around if you think anyone might be interested!
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Re: Singer looking for band

Beitragvon GordonOverkill » 22. November 2013, 10:54

Hehe, since he forgot to mention it himself: He sings fucking awesome!
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Re: Singer looking for band

Beitragvon Slavenko Erazer » 12. Februar 2014, 12:08

Your singing sounds killer man. I hope you've found some band to settle.

All the best \.../
Slavenko Erazer
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